5 Reasons Why 2013 Is an Incredible Year for High Fashion Hair Style

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Monday, March 31, 2014 | 7:00 PM

Anyone who has spent time flipping through fashion magazines or had the opportunity to attend some of the top fashion shows in New York and Europe has noticed that hair styles seem to be getting as much attention as the clothing. Five styles really stand out.

Keep it Short

The days when women needed to have flowing locks in order to be considered feminine and sexy have passed by. Really short, pixie style haircuts for women have made a comeback. In addition to making eyes look larger, necks more graceful, and cheekbones appear even higher. The great thing about pixie cuts being trendy is the amount of care they require. All it takes to keep these cuts looking great will be a bit of gel and some finger combing. The only women who can't rock a pixie style haircut will be the ones with round or long faces.

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Tied Up in a Knot

It looks like 2013 will be the year of the knot. More and more women on the fashion runways have taken to pulling their hair back from their face and securing it into a tight knot or bun. It's a dramatic look that draws attention to the eyes, jawline, and neck. The trick to creating the perfect knot will be using a fine-toothed comb to pull the hair from the face, securing the knot tightly, and using a liberal amount of ultra-hold hair spray. Once a technique for creating the knot has been perfected, women can dress up the look with a bedazzled comb, decorative bobby pins, or even a short, flowing scarf.

Make Some Waves

Every girl and woman has spent time cursing the heat and humidity that causes their hair to frizz. Luckily, 2013 has brought about the perfect solution... waves. All it takes to get the tresses back under control will be a curling iron with a large barrel which can be used to quickly add some wave and bounce to the ends of long hair. After curling the ends into loose waves and adding a quick spritz of flexible hair spray, the style will perfectly mirror the casual look seen in the beach wear section of fashion magazines.

The Side Braid

Celebrities with long hair have fallen in love with side braids. The style keeps hair calm during breezy red carpet appearances, can be achieved quickly, looks great with all face shapes, and creates a romantic appearance. Simply pull the hair over one shoulder, divide it into three sections, and twist it into a loose braid. A curling iron can be used to add some bounce to the end of the braid. Women who are prone to flyways will want to lightly use a flexible hairspray to keep the wisps under control.

Go a Little Retro

Just because a girl has long hair, it doesn't mean she doesn't occasionally want to try something a little different. By taking the ends of her hair and pinning them up close to her skull, she can create a faux bob that both accents her jaw line and draws attention to her mouth. The faux bob looks like a less severe version of the bob that women in '20s favored. Many celebrities have gone a little retro and selected the faux bob for red carpet events and award shows.

The great thing about all five styles is that the flatter most facial shapes and can be achieved without having to make a trip to the nearest salon. Each of these styles will work for a day at the office, or when out on a hot date. For more information on Salon Invi please visit: http://saloninvi.com/contact.php

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