Gifts For Women - A "Fascinating" Choice For Shoppers

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Monday, March 31, 2014 | 11:00 PM

When you're shopping in the UK for gifts for women, the choices are sometimes confusing and overwhelming. Before beginning your quest for the perfect birthday gift or Christmas gift, it's a good idea to try to narrow the scope and find a gift that's unique, affordable and useful. Some of the best gifts for women are hair accessories. Whether her hair is long or short, she'll always appreciate an addition to her wardrobe of combs, clips and headbands. One item she may not have is a fascinator. Here's some information about this fun and decorative way of adding interest to a hair style.

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What is a Fascinator?

Wikipedia defines a fascinator as a "headpiece" and a "style of millinery." Modern fascinators are commonly made with feathers, flowers and/or beads. They attach to the hair by a comb, headband or clip. Fascinators are usually reserved for dressy or formal occasions and can be thought of as a cross between a hat and a hair ornament. Fascinators are great woman gift ideas because you don't have to worry about size and there's a wide selection available, including bespoke designs. One popular way to construct a fascinator is to build it on a headband. The band is covered with a luxurious fabric like satin and then festooned with rosettes and feathers. Finishing touches include faux pearls, Swarovski crystals, organza, sequins, lace and ribbon. These unique gifts for women are great substitutes for a bride who's looking for an alternative to a traditional tiara or headpiece. Coloured or clear glass beads are also popular adornments for fascinators. The best fascinators are crafted by expert milliners from high quality materials.

Some Classic Combinations for Decorating Fascinators

Feathers, beads and sequins are a classic combination for a fascinator, whether it's built on a headband, clip or comb. Delicate mesh ribbons in gold or silver metallic is appropriate for fascinators designed for formal occasions and are great gift ideas for women. Feathers and ribbon make a good combination as well, especially if the fascinator is further embellished with freshwater or faux pearls. Fascinators are great gifts for young girls and teenagers because their sometimes whimsical appearance is appealing to younger women.

Fascinators make great gifts for women, especially if you're shopping in the UK for someone who has everything. Chances are she won't have a lavishly elegant fascinator to wear for that formal occasion.

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