3 Powerful Hair Volumizing Tips

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Long hair is unquestionably more feminine than short hair. Only a few women, such as Cameron Diaz and Meg Ryan, can exude femininity while wearing short hair. And only a few short hairstyles can be considered as absolutely attractive. Thus, most women opt for wearing longer hair. But long hair is not without its own set of problems.

Long hair takes energy, time, and money to maintain. Yet, despite all these efforts, long hair could quite simply end up looking like strands of an ill-used mop. How is it that so many women look unbecoming when wearing long hair, while Jessica Alba, Beyonce, and Sandra Bullock seem to easily appear dazzling and sexy?

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The secret is in the volume of the hair! Women who have beautiful and sexy long hair actually have hairstyles that took full advantage of the hair's volume. This is easy to realize when women recognize the one obvious disadvantage of wearing long hair - the longer the hair is, the more it is inclined to lie flat. The reason for this is simple science. When hair is longer, it has greater mass; when it has greater mass, gravity will apply a greater force upon it.

Of course, there will be differences among varying types of hair because some hair strands are finer than others. But generally, greater lengths mean greater inclination to appear dull, unless volume is added.

Fortunately, there are many tricks that will add volume to your hair. A woman can try these tricks one at a time and decide which volumizing technique will work best for their individual hair type. Sometimes, two or more tricks are combined to add more volume, especially when the hair simply loves to hug the scalp and droop on the sides. To make your hair attain greater volume and appear sexier, here are the three most effective hair volumizing tips.

Tip #1: Get Layers and Angles
If a woman simply grows her hair long, the chances of attaining a beautiful volume of hair are slim. The hair needs to be styled. The styling techniques which best add volume to hair involve surface layers and sharp angles.

Ordinary women cannot perform layers and sharp angles alone. In fact, trimming the ends of the hair is not easy. What women can do is to visit a salon and talk to a hairstylist. The woman must ensure that the hairstylist knows how to make the most of layers and angles that will add the greatest volume to the hair. When the long hair already has the right hairstyle, adding even more volume to the hair becomes easier.

Tip#2: Use a Volumizer
Hair might be composed of dead cells, but it can make or break a woman's day. Bad hair days are often caused by neglect. For hair that tends to lie flat, the best way to take care of it is to utilize a volumizer. There are many silicone-based products that add strength and support to the hair. Think of the volumizer as analogous to crutches - giving your hair support.

Keep in mind that volumnizer cannot be carelessly applied on the hair because it will not produce good results. For volumizers to work well, it must be thoroughly applied when the hair is damp. Then, the hair must be blow dried. In blow drying, the hairs underneath must be dried first. When these hairs are dried, they become stronger and less resistant to lie flat. Then the rest of the hair can be dried in sections.

Tip #3: Hair Gymnastics and a Light-Hold Hair Spray
The use of hair spray is tricky. Hair spray can be the hair's best friend or the worst enemy. The spray does not really care whether the hair looks good or not. The only thing it can do is to hold the hair in place. If the hair is at an odd angle, the spray can keep it that way for the rest of the day. And if the hair is flat, the spray can keep the hair appear cemented to the scalp.

To use hair spray to add volume to the hair, a woman must implement a little hair gymnastics and use a light-hold hair spray. Strong-hold hair sprays can make the hair appear stiff. This is why light-hold sprays are preferred for a natural look. Hair gymnastics is simply done by flipping the head upside down. Gravity is used to help the hair stand upright, relative to the position of the scalp. With your head hanging downwards, use the hair spray at the roots of the hair. Then, blow dry the roots to maintain its volume. When your head is flipped back to its normal position, you might be shocked to find punk-looking hair. This is a temporary state. Using your fingers or a hair brush, the hair can be arranged back to a more normal, yet highly volumized style.

Long hair can create a beautiful presence for any woman. With these volume tricks, you can confidently add the style, movement, and height that ensures your hair accentuates your beautiful face.

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