Are Short Hair Cuts and Styles an Option For You?

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Thursday, April 17, 2014 | 5:00 AM

If you've had long hair for the majority of your life or even if it's just been for the past few years, you may have a big fear about cutting your hair. It's been a long process getting it to this length and you may not like your new short haircut. What then? Well, there's not much more you can do than sit back and wait for it to grow out. But, the truth is, if you're researching what you want, as you are now, you probably will end up very happy with the results.

In addition to be fun, fresh and even flirty, short hair is also a lot easier to take care of each day. Some short hairstyles just required a bit of gel a quick tease with your fingers and you're off for the day. Others may take a bit more work, but rarely will you be spending the time you do now on your long hair. Short hair is often healthier as well because it requires less heat under a blow dryer or pinched in a curling iron. It also tangles a lot less which means fewer broken ends that will eventually split.

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One of the easiest short haircuts to take care of is the layered bob cut. While most of the work is accomplished with a great cut, using some color to highlight the layers will add some complexity to the look. Once you have the initial work down, you can typically wash and go with this cut. That makes it one of the most popular for busy women on the go.

If your lifestyle is a little edgier or just plain fun you may want to consider the spiked look. This is one of the shortest styles, but that also makes it one of the easiest to take care of each day. Most of the time you're going to cut the bottom short and leave the top layers longer so you can make them into fun spikes. Don't get me wrong, these aren't the spikes you see punk rockers from the 80's wearing. These are more wispy and fun. Once you have the cut down, it's a simple matter of putting in a little get or spiking glue in the morning.

If you've got naturally curly hair, you have a wonderful option with a curly layered cut. This will dramatically cut down on the frustrations you may be having with your hair in its longer state. If you've got straight hair, this is a viable option for you as well.

There's also the fun and sassy look of a short cut with flipped out ends. This screams, "I'm fun and positive." A little more serious look but extremely elegant is a cut that's short in the back and a considerably longer in the front.

Once you decide to take the risk and cut your hair, you're going to realize there are so many options available to you you'll have fun deciding where you'll go next. It's certainly worth the risk if you have even a slight inclining to change your hair

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