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Written By Wilfredo Allen on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 | 3:00 AM

What men think about our hair as black women plays a major role in our lives when it comes to first impressions, dating, marriage, etc. Even though hair is just a superficial part of us, it still means a lot to most of us. Just imagine yourself in a situation where you meet someone and there is a mutual attraction. You are wearing your latest weave, and it's bound to attract attention. You make eye contact, go on a date, and get to know each other. Then when the magical moment is about to happen and you kiss each other; he starts to bury his hands in your hair and feels something foreign that does not feel like a normal scalp with threaded hair, stitches and so on. He is immediately turned off by this as he realizes what he just touched is not your real hair. He soon starts to wonder what else about you isn't yours. These situations happen more often than you think.

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A poll was taken and it was found that when it comes down to it, most men are attracted to long hair, but it's got to be your hair and nothing fake. In fact, it was also found that men are equally attracted to women who have shorter hair that is all theirs, and they find this type of woman attractive if she carries her style well, keeps it healthy, well-maintained, and is confident in her hairstyle.

When you are wearing your own hair and it looks good, there is a sense of pride because you are sporting your own hair, whether it is short, medium and growing, or long; and most importantly it's all yours. If more women took the time to learn about taking good care of their own hair, it would put the weave and wig industry out of business.

The bible refers to a woman's hair as her "crowning glory." It is a thing of beauty, a covering for your head, and a vision of femininity in the lovely way it frames your face which sets you apart from masculinity. Why smother it and cover it up with fake hair, wigs and hair pieces? We are all born with a mane of hair that is ours to take care of, nourish, and grow.

If you already have long hair, keep up the good work, maintain your healthy regimen and lifestyle, and wear it with pride. For those of you who have short hair and your goal is to have longer hair, you can start by taking good care of your hair, letting it breathe, and adopting a healthy hair care regimen wearing your current length with confidence and style, and soon you will be joining the ranks of those who have longer hair.

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