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Written By Wilfredo Allen on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 | 1:00 PM

Hair stylist believe that the hair is the woman's crowing glory. This is especially true to a bride. Although she wants her wedding to be perfect in all aspects, how her hair is done will definitely say it all. Everybody will be looking at her and she will be the center of attention. She has to look fabulous.

The following are some of the bridal hair styles one can choose from on her special day:

Polished Updo - is perfect for women who wants to look glamorous and immaculate with all the hair elegantly tied up.

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Loose Messy Updo - the hair is also tied up but some curls are allowed to flow freely to give that care-free spirit for the bride. This is an option to the polished updo.

Long Smooth Curls - this simple but attractive style is best for beach weddings where all your curls just flow freely with the wind.

Short and Sassy Wedding Cut - best accentuated with a floral headband, this cut is for those who prefer the happy-go-lucky style and is less fancy to fashion. Accessories add up to enhancing this style.

Bridal Side Ponytail - the bridal side ponytail is always perfect for that girlish look. This is an option for those brides who do not want either the updo nor the simple down do.

Australia is beset with a number of professionals who do bridal hair styles. Coffs Harbour offers its own wealth of globally competitive hair stylist who can turn one simple and wishful lady into a princess walking down the aisle with glamor and confidence.

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