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Long Hairstyles

Some women with short hairstyles want to find a way to lengthen their hair but do not want to wait for the time required for natural growth. If this is the case, hair extensions are an outstanding way to go from short to long instantly without the wait. Celebrities like Paris Hilton use hair extensions to drastically change their appearance in a flash. And, she is one of many who openly use extensions in a fun and exciting way. Hair extensions are the way to go long for elegance and sophistication in a heart beat.

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The making of hair extensions including the materials used has advanced in astounding ways over the years. Although synthetic hair can be purchased to achieve a long hairstyle, genuine hair is the best and most affordable choice. There are many options for styling when going with hair extensions. For example, varying colored hair extensions can be blended in with natural hair. The combination creates a highlighted look that is sassy and stylish.

One immediate result of getting hair extensions is wonderful thickness which makes it an ideal choice for a long hairstyle. Also, hair extensions add volume to limp or thin hair, changing it from lifeless and flat to full and gorgeous. And, hair extensions also aid in hiding a not-so-hot hair cut for the time it takes to grow out. Using hair extensions does not mean that the long hair style chosen has to be waist-length. In fact, hair extensions are suitable for any length of hair that is preferred. In deciding that hair extensions are the right choice, there are a few simple techniques to keep in mind while caring for them:

While brushing the hair, start from the bottom and work upwards, slowly and gentlyUse a brush that has soft bristlesIf there are problems with tangling, use your fingers to gently run through the hairNever use silicone-based products or conditioners or spray the extensions as this could cause the braids to slip and the extensions to fall outIf a change in color is desired, have a hair-care professional make the change; do not do this on your own at homeUse a soft band or wrap to tie your hair up while sleeping

Typically hair extensions are available in lengths that range anywhere from 26 to 30 inches. So, the exact length chosen can vary. It is important to bear in mind that the longer the extensions, the heavier they are so if too long, the extensions could pull on the hair at the scalp and cause damage. Most importantly, remember that the objective is a natural look. Because of this, general speaking, extensions under 22" are recommended.

Averagely, the cost of hair extensions ranges and can be in the upwards of several hundred dollars. This price is dependent upon the type chosen, the length, the individual hair-care professional's charge, and the area you live. Top of the line hair extensions can cost thousands of dollars but it is not absolutely necessary to spend this much to have high-quality results. Quality extensions can be found at a reasonable price.

As in the case of naturally long hair, extensions allow for wearing the hair up or down and in any style preferred. In this, it is best to attach extensions lower than the scalp's base to avoid them showing. If this is done correctly, extensions can be worn in a ponytail, French braid, or bun without being obvious.

Some women are concerned that there is pain involved in wearing hair extensions. Hair extensions do not hurt but they do need to be braided in firmly so that they hold. The amount of pressure in doing this does not cause any pain if done correctly. Usually, there is only a slight tension felt equally all over the head that does not cause discomfort. If any tighter sensation is felt, see the hair-care professional to ensure there is no problem with the extensions. Generally, there is a period of 2-3 days in which the scalp has to adjust to the tension. Usually after that, the pressure will ease up.

Lastly, there should be no concern about damage to the hair given that the extensions are applied correctly. On the other hand, if the procedure is not performed the right way there is a risk that the extensions can pull the hair out or stretch it. Because of this, finding a professional who has experience with extensions is important. Spending a bit of extra money initially with an experienced professional can actually save money in the long run as they will be done the right way the first time. Once making the switch to hair extensions, it is amazing how impressive this long hair style looks and feels!

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