Hair Extensions For Your Big Day

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 | 1:00 PM

It is every little girl's dream to look like a princess on her wedding day and with hair extensions you can create whatever glamorous look that you wish. With lots of celebrities opting for long loose locks on their wedding day and looking fabulous, more and more women are looking recreate this look. For decades most brides opted for demure up-dos on their big day and abandoned the natural loose hair style. However, since the boho chic look hit the fashion scene in the nineties more and more women are choosing to wear their hair in loose beautiful curls.

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So maybe you have short hair and are longing to create long flowing locks, don't despair! If you don't have the time or the patience to grow your hair for your big day (bear in mind that hair grows about a half an inch each month) then why not invest in some hair extensions. Extensions are the perfect way of creating not just length but added volume and thickness that will enhance your natural beauty and make you look as glamorous as a celeb! And don't worry about them looking unnatural, if done correctly with high quality hair then the result is stunning. No-one will even know that you are wearing extensions unless you tell them.

Hair extensions not only enhance loose hair styles, they can also give up-dos a much needed boost. The more hair a stylist has to work with the more intricate and beautiful the design can be. So when choosing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding, don't let your natural hair become a stumbling block that dictates how you wear your hair. You should be able to look exactly as you wish on your wedding day; after all it is your big day!

If you are looking for a temporary injection of glamour and length then why not try clip-in hair extensions. These can be worn in the day-time by being simply clipped in to the natural hair and taken out just as easily. It is best to get a trained stylist to help you attach these on your big day, just to make sure they integrate beautifully into your own hair. You should also make sure that you have a trial run with the extensions prior to the wedding just to make sure that you like the look and that you get used to how you will look with the extensions in.

If you are looking for something that will last beyond your wedding day and will keep you looking fabulous long into your honeymoon then why not consider something a bit more permanent. Hair extensions can be bonded into the natural hair so that they can be washed as you would normally and look beautifully natural. This is of course more expensive than clip-in hair extensions but it is worth it for the hair you have always dreamed of.

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