Hair Loss Is Now Affecting Both Men And Women - Find Out Why

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Saturday, April 12, 2014 | 3:00 PM

With all the advertising going on about hair transplants, hair replacement systems and the variety of hair remedies, you can imagine how many men are affected with this problem. But I bet you'll be surprised when I tell you that plenty of women who come into my office also complain about thinning hair.

Loss of hair is not only for men!

With age comes wisdom, but some of my patients also experience a loss of self-confidence as they get older. One of the leading causes of this lack of confidence is hair loss. It is experienced by both sexes, but is extremely common among men. When it comes to Male Pattern Hair Loss, or MPHL, it is safe to say that you are not to blame. MPHL is determined by genetics, and both sides of the family tree are factors. MPHL accounts for 95% of hair loss cases, and half of the men reading this will experience it to some degree by age 50.

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What You Can Do About It-Naturally!

Here's how it works: the timing and the rate of hair loss is determined genetically, but residue from the environment, harsh hair products, dead skin cells and hairs' natural oils can accelerate the problem. Many of my patients think there is nothing they can do, but there are many natural products available that can alleviate hair loss and even stimulate new and healthy growth.

If you have build-up on your scalp, circulation to the hair follicle is decreased, preventing nutrients from being delivered via the blood supply. Shampoos that contain nourishing ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids, botanical extracts and amino acids clear away build-up and stimulate the follicles.

Invigorating products that supply nutrients and essential natural oils can then restore the damaged follicles, alleviate hair loss, encourage new growth and thicken existing hair.

Once you have treated your scalp from the outside, do not neglect to nourish it from the inside as well. Natural supplements that provide a special combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs will ensure that hair growth is stimulated from all fronts.

The Underlying Causes!

It seems awfully unfair, but even men in their teens can start to see the signs of MPHL. You may experience a receding hairline, thinning on the top of the head or both at once. If you notice these issues, you should first rule out the possibility that something else is causing your hair loss.

For a very small number of people, genetics are not the culprit. A disease or illness you may not be aware of such as lupus, diabetes or thyroid disease could be to blame. Certain medications have also been known to cause hair loss, which will stop when you discontinue the medication.

Abusing your hair with dyes, chemical treatments or harsh styling procedures can also lead to thinning or breakage. Lack of proper nutrition from a balanced diet may cause you to shed more hair than normal. Think of those poor contestants on the TV show, Survivor, who start losing their hair because nourishing food is in short supply. Stress, the cause of so many modern health problems, can also lead to excessive shedding of hair, but my changing your lifestyle, the problem is reversible.

If MPHL is the cause of your hair loss - and it is for roughly 95% of you - natural treatments are available to restore your confidence. Used in the early stages of MPHL, these treatments should have a greater effect. Thanks to great advances in natural therapies, you can enjoy the benefits of growing older and wiser without the hassle of hair loss.

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