How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer - Everything You Need to Know

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Friday, April 11, 2014 | 7:00 PM

Why do you contemplate on "how to make your hair grow faster and longer" when shorter hair also looks good? Some women don't seem to worry about having short hair. Some even maintain wearing short hairstyles throughout their lifetime. They don't worry about running out of styles because there are so much styles that anybody can choose from. So if you will rather choose to cut your hair than long for a lengthy one, you can change hairstyle every month, perhaps every week. This is just one reason for you to consider wearing short hair.

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Another reason has something to do with weather. Temperatures are rising around the world. Of course, you know about the phenomenon that is climate change. Men and women sweat exceedingly during hot days and it can really feel sticky and uncomfortable. To lessen body heat, one way is to trim or cut the hair. Many men prefer shaving off their entire hair and keep their heads bald for months.

And no one is pretty sure if it's going to be worse, or what. What is definite is: Because of climate change, more women are opting for short hair. You are lucky if you live in a temperate region. But as mentioned, no one can really determine ahead what's going to be the condition tomorrow.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer

Despite the explanations above, you still are determined to have long hair? Mind you, that will take months until you see a big change. And, if you are not careful enough, that will take longer.

Consider doing the following (on your bid to make your hair grow faster and longer) if you are really up to it.

Trim your hair often. This practice will make hair grow faster since trimming allows more space for growth. Trimming also reduces the presence of split ends and prevents rapid splitting. This is because trimming causes hair strands to come closer to one another, preventing too much heat to enter through. Because of this, your hair will have more conducive environment for growth.

Use deep conditioning treatments occasionally. Hydration in the insides of each strand is the purpose for this. Because of too much heat and hairstyling procedures, hair strands lose their moisture and oil. Hydration will restore shine, improve texture and give body to each and every strand of your hair.

But you should do this just occasionally - to allow the body to perform its natural function of replenishing damaged hair strands. Use conditioning treatment only as a maintenance regimen.

Comb your hair religiously. Clean your hair by combing it religiously. If you will do this often, you will also cause oil and moisture to be evenly distributed in your hair. Additionally, by combing your hair, you will stimulate nerve endings that are located in your scalp.

Above all, maintain a feeling of confidence in yourself. You are beautiful inside, that's what matters. You need to know this more than you need to have beautiful hair.

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