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Written By Wilfredo Allen on Thursday, April 17, 2014 | 5:00 PM

Modern men take more care of their appearance and are finding out why hair straighteners are so popular among women. Hair straighteners have revolutionized the way people style their hair and girls are infinitely thankful for it. Now, men also crave the benefits of having fabulously stylish hair and we are more than happy to see them with it! But for short hair there are different irons for the job, and for great results you'll have to find the right straightener.

The first thing you have to know before setting out on the search for your ideal iron is the size. Yes, in this case size does matter. The plates for men's hair straighteners are smaller and thinner than straighteners made for long haired women. They're usually about 1 or 2 inches wide to make styling short to medium length hair easier as the small plates allow users to get right down to the root for that perfectly straightened look all around.

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Just like any other professional iron for women, men's straighteners include an adjustable heat control for those guys with extra curly or thick hair who need higher heat to get the job done. They also come with universal voltage so you can style anywhere you go and swivel cords which avoid getting the straightener tangled up while styling. You can always opt for cordless hair straighteners if you need to be on the move while you straighten or plan on carrying it around with you, although cordless means more expensive on the market.

Men's hair straighteners are usually made with ceramic plates as these are ideal for any type of hair and will give a sleek look and a unique style in half the time, with half the effort. Plus, they will protect your hair from heat damage and provide long lasting results. Who said straightening your hair was a girl thing? Anyone who cares about their appearance can invest in a straightener to style their hair from home and still look as if they've just come from the best salon in the city.

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