Personality is in the Hair

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 | 3:00 AM

Do blondes have more fun? Are redheads dangerous? Are those with curls more bubbly? Are these viable questions or just stereotypes? Does your personality determine your hair style or does your hair style determine your personality?

Some people believe that certain attitudes are aligned to particular hairstyles. In a recent poll, more than 80% of people agreed. Does your have personality?

Obviously, a person's personality is very dynamic and complex, and cannot be determined by the looks of their hair; yet, there are stereotypes:

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- Women with short hair are perceived as confident and outgoing

- Women with medium-length, dark hair are perceived as intelligent and fun loving

- Men with longer hair in the front are considered sexy

- Men with parts to the side are considered competent

Fashion professionals also take part in making their own inferences and recommendations such as these:

- Petite women should avoid wearing tight spirals as to avoid looking too young

- Women seeking a classical look should wear their hair longer and neat

- Women of an athletic build should consider wearing ponytails

- Women with angular facial features can try more daring hairstyles

All women are beautiful. The prior information is merely a guideline to highlighting your features to look even more beautiful. Any women can look good regardless of her height, hair color, skin tone, weight, etc. Beauty is not a strict external presence. Beauty comes from the inside and radiates outwards.

Women often feel pressure to look a certain way in order to feel a certain way. It is actually the other way around. Feeling happy, healthy, and confident improves your outward appearance. The most important person to satisfy and look good for is yourself. You will not be able to satisfy others until you are satisfied with yourself first and foremost.

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