Rapunzel's Rhapsody - Discovering Hair Extensions

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Friday, April 18, 2014 | 7:00 AM

Remember the fairy tale 'Rapunzel'? She was the princess in the tower with the very long hair and the knight who came to save her from the prison tower called out, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair". For you see it was her hair that he used to climb himself up into the tower to save her! Imagine you being that modern day Rapunzel with hair extensions, loop micro links, and clip-ins.

Yes you too can have long flowing locks of beauty with hair extensions added to your existing hair. They are ideal for giving you that long, 'full bodied' look that so many women seek today. Look at the prevalent hair designs of the celebrities in California's Tinsel Town called Hollywood. Most of the stellar actresses there boast hair extensions or micro links in true fashion, adding glamour and style to their elegant appeal.

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Think of the many different 'looks' you can achieve with hair extensions, including micro links and clip-ins. Pre-threaded loop micro links are tightly interwoven and are not applied with heat or glue. For women with short hair, medium or longer length hair loop micro links are a must to 'fill in' those thinner areas to give you a 'fuller' look. They not only add length, they add volume.

Women undergoing chemotherapy may often suffer hair loss from the treatments. Once the healthy hair is strong enough, you can consider adding hair extensions which can help give a cancer patient dignity and self worth, simply by having hair on their heads and completing the look you desire to have. There is not as much waiting for the hair to grow and filling out in volume again. The smile on your face will glow even more brightly.

Hair extensions are a huge cosmetic market being utilised in every fashion industry here in Australia, in the United States and internationally. Micro links are so popular with women that manufacturing has been increased to meet growing demands. The pre-threaded Loop Micro links save application time, and provide a micro bead that blends well with natural head hair and is very comfortable to sleep on. Some people may notice them for the first few nights, and for others they won't notice a thing.

The hair extensions and kits are being snapped up around the clock.

Imagine the comments you'll receive when you walk into the office sporting a new quick do. You'll be the envy of the club when you walk in swinging that new hairstyle of Loop micro links and or clip-in hair extensions. Even little girls like to 'dress up' and they love a new and fresher look. So get that look you want today and be like Rapunzel, adding volume and lengthen those locks, creating your new looks with hair extensions.

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