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Short hair styles are a big change for any girl that's never done it before, many love the style while others feel like they can't pull it off, but with more and more styles popping up all the time it's becoming much more common and shows that with all the different styles there is one for complimenting any and every frame.

How To Choose A Short Hair Style

I've always found that the best way to choose a new style is looking through pictures in magazines and on the internet, find a style that sticks out and that you think is cute! Each different way of styling can change the entire haircut and make your different features stand out more so it's important to know how exactly you want it and why you want it. For example, lower bangs swept to the side with shorter trim around the ears gives a very deep look that highly compliments a thinner face while someone with a rounder face might look best with choppier bangs and the hair around the ears sweeping one way or another.

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Short Hair Care

Short hair care depends a great deal on short hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair vitamins that will make you hair healthy, shiny and stylish. You should choose the right short hair product taking into account your hair type.

What a lot of women don't expect when changing to a short hair style is the difference in how they need to take care of it. Shorter hair gets oily much quicker than longer hair does, that can be a problem as it could potentially lead to dandruff. So doing things like trying different shampoos that help might be something to expect. You'll want your hair cut at least every 6 weeks, if nothing else just a trim to get rid of dead ends, if you do have dead ends it's very important to try and stay out of direct sunlight. If you have thinner hair be sure to use a shampoo with protein in it as well as a thick conditioner. People with curly hair will want to be sure and use products with extra moisture, this will help fight any frizzing.

Don't be afraid to experiment, have fun with your look and express yourself! That's the best way to find a look that you truly love and is absolutely perfect for you.

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