Some Facts About the Short Mohawk Hair Style

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A short Mohawk is a version of a Mohican or Mohawk hair style. Originally worn by the Indians in the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York. A Mohawk features a strip of long hair extending from the forehead to the nape of the neck. The rest of one's head is shaved or trimmed very short. The strip of longer hair may be spiked, shaped into multiple spears, bleached or dyed bright colors.

A Mohawk hair style requires significant care and attention in order to maintain it. The head must be shaved frequently to keep the line of demarcation between scalp and spikes clear. Depending upon the length and style of the longer hair strip, it requires shaping or stiffening with strong hair spray, gel, starch or similar products in order to hold its shape.

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If the hair is bleached or dyed, it will require even more attention to keep it looking right. Some Mohawks feature bands of color on the spikes to further complicate the care and detailing necessary. Shorter styles may be dyed a single color, such as the bright blue of the Tampa Bay Rays popular Mohawks. Fans have often copy the color and the short hair style of the players.

Mr T, Chuck Liddell and Darby Crash are all wearers of Mohawks. Martial arts expert Liddell has a Mohawk that is extremely short. Mr T boasts a style that is much longer. Punk rocker Crash wore the style before his suicide in 1980.

While a short Mohawk might be popular amongst men, women might be more likely to wear a long Mohawk, sometimes even with the spikes and dyed segments that create additional interest. If you decide to go with this style, be prepared for time spend in letting the spikes grow. Then, the process of shaping, stiffening and coloring that the Mohawk wearer enjoys.

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