The Worst Hair Styles For 2006

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Monday, April 7, 2014 | 7:00 PM

Everyone talks about the best hairstyles of 2005 and what will be trendy in 2006, yet what they really want to know is which hair styles not to be caught dead with. If we all wear the same style of hair, then we end up looking too trendy and a copycat. Most of us are aware of this and therefore do not necessarily go for the Paris Hilton Hair Cut or the Brad Pitt theme. What we need is a hybrid of sorts, something that will not offend, but will be classy and somewhat unique to help bring out our finer points, individuality and strengths in our personalities.

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Some of what may have been considered the most obnoxious and obscene haircuts of the past will be very trendy in 2006. Haircuts like the shock jock Howard Sterns, with is light socket hairdo and matted look. The Japanese video cartoon character hairdos you would have never thought of wearing, yet in 2006 we will gals wearing this hair style with pride.

The hair styles which will end your date quickest for men, will be the parted in the middle flared and layered styles which were popular previously, so much for that online dating service hook-up, Next! For women do not be surprised if men would rather see no hair on your entire body than the 2004 and 2005 Oprah haircut, as she will never be able to run for President with that do. For those women with patrician looks you actually can get away with extremely short hair in 2006 or even bald and you will be a trend setter, as bald is in 2006 for men and women. Think on this in 2006.

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