Want to Know Which Hair Style is Most Suitable For You? Check it Out Here

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You may have a very beautiful face, but if you do not know what kind of hairstyle suits you, then it spoils everything. To know more about the hair styles that could make you look gorgeous, continue reading.

Hairstyles for women:

If you have a very short, curly hair, especially golden brown or black, then you could go for intercoiffure mondial style. This gives you a soft and free flowing movement, most suitable when you go for a party. Cycloid curls gives you rolling strands of curl making your look formal.If your hair is short and straight, long bob style will be most suitable for you. It gives you a very simple and formal look. For grand look, coloring can be done.If you have long wavy hair, you can bring about a professional look by making carpy style. You can go for this style of hair if you want straight curls at the bottom. With not much effort, you can also go for braided hairband look. This gives a fantabulos look. This style is most suitable, if you have thick, long and wavy hair.Amazing braid style gives you a grand look and is most suited for parties.Coronet is a simple and elegant wedding style. Anybody with a long hair can go for this style.

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Hairstyles for men:

Brigade hair style is for you, if your hair is too short and if you are looking for a very professional, manly kind of style. In this style, clipping is done on the sides and the back with gradually increasing thickness at the top.If you like to be unique from others, to-the-scalp cut will help you. This style was derived from bowl cut. Cleanly shaven back and edges defines this style.If you want to showcase yourself as a very daring person. Shaved side style is best for you. As the name by itself says, shaved sides and center apex are the salient features of this style.Wild men hairstyle will give a bold and daring look to you. It will look awesome, if you have curly strands of hair.If your hair is too thick and curly, tamed curls style will suit you best. It gives you a out-of-the-face look.Spiky styling is for you, if you are search of a amateur look for your hair. This suits best for men with medium sized hair.

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