What Women Find Attractive Physically

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Monday, April 28, 2014 | 11:00 AM

You know the drill: people claiming that women aren't that interested in a man's physical appearance. It's his personality or his great sense of humor that counts. Yeah, right. I'm here to tell you physical appearance does make a difference to woman.

Yes it's true that men tend to be more visual than women and that looks probably rate as more important to a man than visa versa, but women still have their preferences when it comes to a man's look. Although we can only speak in broad generalizations, here is what women find attractive physically in a man.

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Preferences vary significantly from woman to woman, just as some men prefer blondes and others pay more attention to long legs  or curvy hips. There are a few generalities, however, that hold true for the majority of women. The great thing is that you don't have to born spectacularly handsome to meet the most important attraction criteria.

To be blunt, hygiene is huge for women. Being clean and well groomed go a long ways toward initiating attraction. It's so important it can even overcome other physical shortcomings.

For starters, just between and look as if you take care of yourself. Avoid biting your nails and keep them trimmed.

Oral hygiene really counts. A great smile is one of your greatest assets and is worth good daily care and regular dental visits. This also helps prevent bad breath that a mouthwash won't cover. That's definitely a turn-off you want to avoid. Women find a nice smile very attractive.

Hair is also important. The exact hair style is a matter of choice, but women universally like clean hair that's been cared for. Another fact is that the majority of women do prefer men who have hair, but balding is not a deal-killer. Just don't do a comb over or the other silly things some men do as their hair thins. (BTW - although it's not 100%, many men benefit from taking fenestride to slow or prevent hair loss. Check with your doctor)

With regard your body, the things men tend to idealize (large, chiseled muscles) aren't all that important to women. In fact, being too heavily muscled is unattractive to many women. It's good to be fit and in reasonably good shape, but carrying a few extra pounds won't make much difference to most women.

Overall health does make a difference. Women want a man who appears vital and able to engage in life. This may relate to needing to see the man capable of carrying out the traditional male role of protector even though that's not the social norm today. The ancient programming is still in our genes.

Along those lines, women are impressed with a broad back. That seems to convey the ability to protect. Don't go crazy in the weight room, but a program of pull ups can't hurt.

In checking out the forums and talking to female friends, I was surprised at the number of women who pay attention to a man's ass. They don't want it sloppy and soft, but a lot of women definitely want to see the jeans well-filled, and not just in the front. Don't go crazy on the stair master, but keep things toned.

Women pay more attention to clothing than most men. You know how much time the typical woman spends on her clothes and "outfits."  I really don't get it (on the other hand, I do like the final result). While women don't expect guys to fixate on clothes as much as they do (in fact, being too fashion fixated can work against the man) they do like a "together" look that has some style to it.

One simple tip is to look at mannequins in clothing stores to see if you can find a combination that appeals to you. Stores pay huge amount of attention to their displays and they hire people who have a good sense of style to set them up. You may as well take advantage of their expertise as inspiration.

Most women don't like full beards or a lot of facial hair, but many find a short, scruffy beard (2-5 days growth) attractive. I'm sure you're familiar with the look. How well this works for you depends on how your facial hair grows in. It also seems to be a more successful look for men in their 20's and 30's then for older guys.

Now that you know the highlights of what women find attractive physically you can make some adjustments in your own appearance. Basically, if you look healthy and a well groomed wearing reasonably stylish clothes and smiling woman will find you physically attractive.

Here's a bonus tip that'll help you sexually attract ANY woman you meet. It's easy if you know the secrets about women that most men never discover.

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