Why are GHD Hair Straighteners So Good? Are All Hair Straighteners the Same?

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Sunday, April 27, 2014 | 7:00 PM

Hair straighteners have been on the market for well over 10 years and have seen various trends and technological developments. As improvements were made, women continually upgraded their selection of hair styling tools in order to achieve the right look. It is certainly not uncommon for most women to have bought several brands of hair straighteners and curling irons over the years.
In 2000 a Company came along that was change to the world of styling tools forever. ghd started small, very small in fact but quickly grew to become the market leading hair straightener and a recognized brand amongst most women. So how did it all happen?

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The original ghd straightener was years ahead of the competition back in 2000. Straighteners at that time tended to be aluminum plates and many used steam to try and achieve the right look. The key behind the superior performance of the ghd was down to 3 main factors.

ghd were the first to recognise the use of ceramic in hair straighteners! This simple innovation has of course been subsequently copied by pretty much every manufacturer since. Ceramic is great because it conducts heat effectively but also because it allows the iron to slide through the hair with snagging.

ghds technology allowed the irons to heat up very quickly indeed. Back in 2000, the straightener reached its optimum temperature in 10 seconds or so - about 10 times faster than competitor hair straighteners. More importantly the iron maintained temperature. Other models lose heat as soon as the straighteners start to be used (the hair absorbs the heat). It is the maintenance of the temperature of the straightener that is crucial.

No hot spots! If you placed a thermometer (don't try this at home) at various places on the plate of competitor straighteners you would see that the temperature varies considerably according to where you place it. The ghd straightener has a matrixed heating element embedded in it to ensure even heat distribution through the plate.

That's only part of the story though. Around that same time, Jennifer Aniston was a huge style icon. She was wearing her hair in a short, sleek, straight bob and guess what, she loved ghd hair straighteners. A celebrity following built quickly and ghd became one of the best kept secrets to achieving looks that had previously only been possible by your hair stylist.

Momentum built, endorsement by world renowned stylists followed and then word of mouth kicked in - ghd have never looked back! Considerable investment in technology and marketing ensured that the reputation of ghd grew and grew.

The range has expanded to encompass a mini styler, ideal for short hair; the salon styler, great for long thick coarse hair and ghd thermodynamics - an award winning range of hair products to compliment the use of the straighteners.

The original ghd hair straightener is now on its fourth incarnation with several improvements made with each new version that is released. The new ghd mark 4 hair straightener (same size plate as the original) has just been launched in limited quantities as part of the pink and Christmas promotions but will be launched as an individual item early in 2007. The Mark 4 ghd hair straightener raises the bar once again with big improvements on what is already a near perfect product!

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