Why is Female Hair Loss Prevention Necessary?

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Saturday, April 5, 2014 | 11:00 PM

Before discussing why hair loss prevention is necessary even in women, it is necessary to understand the structure of the human hair. The human scalp has got a rich covering of hair, which grow much longer than the hair on other parts of the body. The main purpose of this hair is to provide some degree of protection to the brain. But it also adds greatly to the cosmetic value of the person. Traditionally, people with long hair have been considered more beautiful than those with short hair. And, to add to that, women have devised several ingenious ways to make themselves look much more appealing.

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A normal human hair has a lifespan of two to six years. During this time it grows and rests for some time. At any given time, most of our hair is growing. Then, at the end, they shed off, making space for new one. As a natural process new hair grows and continues the same lifecycle. Losing hundred to two hundred hairs is common. But if amount of hair lost per day increases significantly above this level then it is called as hair loss. It becomes a big issue in women particularly, as apart from protecting the skull; hairs also contribute to their beauty. Thus female hair loss prevention becomes necessary.

Women can try home remedies before going for medicines. As hairs are made up of proteins, consuming good amount of proteins in food is a good solution. It supplies required amount of nutrition for health of hairs preventing those from falling early. Regular massage to hair roots and washing them frequently can also help against hair loss. Women can go for conditioning of hairs, thus providing them nutrition also from outside. This strengthens their hair and improves quality such hairs don't fall easily.

There are various causes for hair loss that are unavoidable. Women loses good amount of hairs during pregnancy and childbirth. So many hormonal changes occur at that time leading to the hair loss. These hormonal changes are very complex and can't be controlled by consuming medicines. Neither it is suggested as; health of a child or mother is put at stake for trivial problem such a hair fall.

Major illness, surgeries can also lead to hair loss. Normally patient consumes a lot of medicines during this time causing a lot of chemical reactions in body that may result in hair loss. Preventing this is also not in much control. Even minor disease like fever can lead to hair loss. Our day today life full of tensions is also a major cause of hair loss. Staying continuously under stress, not following good habits and life style also aids to hair fall. Thyroid disorder can also be one of the reasons. It's a chemical in body that affects many functions ranging from emotional control to physical health. Any imbalance in level of thyroid leads to hair loss. Prevention due to this cause is easier; there are medical pills available to balance out thyroid level. Patient needs to check out with her doctor to go for those.

Healthy hair is a sign of healthy body, no wonder anyone can judge a life style, health of a person simply by checking condition of his hairs. Thus our hairs reflect what we are.

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