Your Hair Style Must Take Into Account The Shape Of Your Face

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Thursday, April 17, 2014 | 9:00 AM

Truer words have never been spoken. Let's face it, some folks are just fortunate enough to have naturally proportioned, delicate features that fit perfectly within a cute heart-shaped face that is framed by flawlessly falling hair. While others have very prominent features that can over power their faces, or facial shapes that do not incorporate their features and these may only be highlighted by the wrong hair style.

Now while many people will opt for cosmetic surgery to obtain features more to their liking, not everyone will go to such lengths and indeed not everyone will want to go to such lengths. And that's great since a lot of people can improve the way they look or disguise features they don't like by doing simple things with make-up and, believe it or not, hair! Yes, hair can do that.

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A person's hair cut, style and even color can make or break their appearance. A hair cut that suits the shape of your face can be the difference between looking a model and looking like a man. For instance, women with very sharp features and angular jaw lines should stay away from blunt hairstyles that cut sharply across the chin, forehead or shoulders because haircuts like these will only make a very strong face seem even more masculine, when the aim should be to use hair to soften up features. Soft layered ends flowing into each other or even a soft inverted bob make great hairstyles for strong faces.

In like manner, a person with a very round or heart shaped face would want to stay away from very long all-in-one-length hair, or hairstyles such as big bangs that a small face would disappear in.

Other factors, such as a person's skin color and tone, eye color and of course personality, contribute to the variations that can be made to hairstyles such as color and highlighting, and basic styling, but the foundation of any haircut should be determined by the shape of a person's face. And getting the perfect haircut for your shape of face can bring balance to your face, shoulders and body as opposed to other details that only work as enhancers. And you certainly would not want to enhance a haircut that does not enhance your features.

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