Fun and Personalized Short Black Hair Styles

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Friday, May 9, 2014 | 1:00 AM

Short black hair styles are ideal for women who want to have an easy, manageable hair style. Going for this look lessens the necessity for harsh hair chemicals and continuous conditioning. Having short hair doesn't mean there's no fun in styling. Today, a variety of short hair styles can be selected from.

As previously stated, small hair styles require for less styling chemicals. Aside from that, other benefits can be gained from having short black hair styles. In this hair style, characteristic frizz as well as the hair kinks can be eliminated. Instead, the natural texture of the hair is given more emphasis. This provides ease in managing the hair. Keeping the hair at short length also lessens the risk of hair loss and hair damage, due to less application of hair chemicals.

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If you are thinking no personalization or individuality can be done with short hair, you are absolutely wrong. It can be styled in many variations, may it be an elegant look, a sporty look, a chic and feminine appeal, or an edgy hair style.

Some of the short black hair styles you can do include short messy up-dos, graduated layers with longer hair layers on top, textured bobs with flipped out ends, mini cornrows or short micro braids, close crops with slightly longer hair at the crown to put emphasize on the hair's natural curls, shaved and sculpted styles with longer top layers, sculpted curls and elaborate ringlets framing the face, bangs flipped across the forehead or face, or elaborate braids coiled into a bun, an up-do, or simply arranged around the head.

Having short hair does not mean proper hair care is not necessary. To maintain short black hair styles, frequent trims and cuts are needed. Along with that, gel, pomade and hair waxes are essential to keep the shape of the hair. But these are to be used on lesser frequency. Make sure you wash your hair each time after using the hair products.

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