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His short-cropped, grizzly gray hair and the lines on his face told a dozen stories about his trials and tribulations. If you have a short haircut, but are dying for long locks, buy a wig that is similar in color to your natural hair. Dental problems can be significant in xxyy syndrome with obvious signs of dental eruption, missing or extra teeth (especially adult molars) severely decayed teeth, or Taurodontism (a condition in which the teeth have very large pulp chambers and long roots and teeth appear very large) also poor enamel, wide set eyes, pear shaped nose, lack of facial/body hair, heart and circulation problems, Exceptional long term memory, always remembers a face from years ago or will find a destination even after just one visit, but has difficulty with short term memory.

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Never use sun-lightening products such as lemon juice or over-the-counter hair care products designed to lighten hair with the sun unless you want a very short hair cut in the future. Extensions only look natural when they are mixed in with your natural hair, so if your hair is short, people will notice that you are wearing extensions. Hair Style Cuts and Dos - Features thousands of different hairstyle photos for short, very short, medium, long and updo hairstyles.

Pomades and other firm styling products are used both on long and short hair, depending on the style. However, clip-in extensions will not work for women with very short hair. Some of the things you can do are cut your hair short or completely shave it off once hair starts to fall out; purchase a wig before your hair starts to fall out to allow the hair stylist the best option.

Having said that, waxing can offer short to medium term hair removal while laser and pulsed light treatment might offer longer-term hair removal, usually with repeated treatments. A short woman may not look all that great with very long hair and a tall woman may not look good with a very short hairstyle. While it's a quick painless hair removal method, which is effective, it lasts only for very short bursts of time and can never be termed a permanent hair removal solution.

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