Knowing What to Do When Choosing a Hair Style

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Sunday, May 11, 2014 | 7:00 AM

There is no such thing as a bad hairdo when choosing a hairstyle. However, not everybody can pull off a certain hairstyle such as a ponytail or even a shaved head. Depending on your facial structure, height, and how much hair you actually have in your head, you will find some haircuts do you more good than bad.

For those men who do not have a whole lot of hair in the first place, keeping your hair short is always better. You may want to have a ponytail, but if the ponytail is only made up of hair from the back of your head, then it is time to cut it. Having long hair in the back and short hair on top is called a skullet and is one of the worst looking haircuts you can have. Having lots of hair is not necessarily something that attracts women. You would be surprised how many women are attracted to bald men and if you work your physique a little bit then you can pull off a Mr. clean look if you want. You do not have to shave your head completely though, if you keep your hair down to about half an inch you should look fine.

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If you are blonde, you have to be very careful when getting your hair cut. Choosing a hairstyle for blondes is a very difficult proposition because every single cut made in your hair is noticeable. You will find that if you are blonde you have more bad hair days and bad haircuts than the normal person. It does not matter if you have long or short hair, the most important thing to remember when choosing a hairstyle is that the more difficult it is to do, the more you should pay to get it done by a professional.

The last tidbit on choosing a hairstyle is knowing what you can pull off. Lots of men like to have long flowing hair from heroes in movies, but usually only really good-looking people can have long hair and that is because they are really good-looking. Most of the time though, men cannot pull off long hair without looking like a hippie or a juggler. It is better to have the right haircut for yourself than to try to find something that would make you happy but would make all the other women cringe.

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