Short Layered Hair - Is This Your Style?

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Monday, May 12, 2014 | 5:00 AM

If you are tired of that long hair and you feel that short layered hair will be easier to take care of, then you may be right. While we would personally never get rid of our long hair, we believe it does look good on people of all walks of life. There are many short layered styles out there. You need to make sure you choose the one that suits your face.

Today, those short styles have gained a lot of popularity and the layers add a whole new twist to them. Women that have straight hair can now look stunning with those short layers. Even those women who have wavy or curly hair can look stunning. All textures look good in these styles.

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The style can complement the shape of your face if it is done properly. We see these styles in many occasions such as parties, marriages and social gatherings. We see them done on not only women, but teenagers as well. In fact, prom night is one of the nights where you will see a big twist to these styles. Did we mention that these styles look good with any hair color from blonde to red?

One of the popular short styles that has layers is the EMO style. We absolutely adore the EMO styles. Perhaps that is because we have the long EMO style? Another style is the bob style, which really does have a twist to it.

Those women who have these styles are not only your friends, but we also see a lot of Hollywood celebrities that have the short layers hair. Take a look at Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz, which sport those layered cuts. What do you think about them?

Did we mention that these cuts look good with any form of dressing as well? They look good with formal gowns and dresses.

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