Short Wigs Are Sexy Too

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Thursday, May 8, 2014 | 9:00 AM

There are so many women's wigs out there to choose from that it can be almost liberating to bask in the glow of opportunity and choices. It's a freeing feeling knowing that you can change up your hair from day to day or be drastically different from what you were before.

There is no need to stick to the same hairstyle you had before. It is a choice that you shouldn't take lightly but should revel in and play with.

Many women when purchasing 100% human hair wigs are likely to gravitate toward buying long wigs. This is because in the past, long hair has been prized and lauded as the epitome of beauty and health. This is not the case any longer. While men's gut reaction to women with long hair is of attraction, it is only because in the animalistic instincts of our predecessors, this was a symbol of sexual maturity.

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Nowadays, studies have been done to show that women with short hair are viewed as intellectual, honest, independent, caring, emotional, and feminine. This is according to major studies done in the area of psychology and hair length, facial attraction, and personality attribution.

Hairstyles nowadays do not have to be long to be attractive. Short wigs can be just as sexy, and even more so, than long wigs. In another study, it was found that a woman wearing a long wig garnered less interest and attraction than that same woman wearing a short wig.

This interesting development opens up whole new worlds of possibility when purchasing a custom wig. Of course, you must be aware of your facial shape when purchasing a wig. Any face shape can take well to having short hair but there are slight nuances.

If you have a round face, you should avoid haircuts like bobs and other styles that have bangs. This will make your face look wider. Conversely, if you have an oblong face, you should always wear bangs to avoid making your face look longer than it is. These tips should always be followed; however, you are the only person who can tell what is right for you.

When looking for a custom wig, the important thing is that you feel comfortable and that you are able to feel good in it. Regardless of whether you want a long flowing made or you feel your best in a short wig, you should go with your heart and feel great wearing it.

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