The Alluring Short Afro, Dreadlocks and Cornrow Styles For Men

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Sunday, May 4, 2014 | 7:00 AM

Gone are the days when only those who belong to the female sexual category give high regards to their appearance, particularly their hairstyles. Nowadays, men are becoming as vain as women, which is only fair as they are also in need of proper grooming.

Short hairstyles, especially for black men, are recommended because it gives an impression of professionalism and upright attitude. Any man who wears short hairstyle will look far better, more hygienic, and formal than those who prefer to keep their hair long. There are many reasons why opting for shorter hair is a rather excellent option than having it lengthy. One of these reasons is that more women like their men wearing short hairstyles. There may be a few who are attracted to long-haired men as this looks more of a rock star or a movie actor, but this preference is likely to diminish as years go by. A woman's idea of a dream man evolves as she matures, and more sensible women really go for men with clean cut. Apart from this, most companies do not consider male applicants with long hair, or prohibit their employees to wear such.

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These are only a few of the many scenarios which prove how unfitting it is for a man to have long mane at times. In this regard, you may prevent yourself from these hassles by choosing from a wide array of short locks styles. Opt for short dreadlocks if you are after a customary look. Besides looking neat, this is also a trendy option which will give you the kind of appeal that the other hairstyles are not capable of giving. Keeping your afro cut short can also endow you with masculine charm that can also go well with whatever attire you wish to put on. Last but not the least; there are cornrow styles for men, which are also excellent alternatives to keep your charisma intact. At the present date, more and more salons are coming up with various cornrow styles for men, to address the demands of the public. These are done by well trained hairstylist to meet the expectations of people who are trying to improve their aura.

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