What Attracts Women - Short Fashion Lesson to Make You Another Casanova

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Friday, May 2, 2014 | 9:00 PM

So your buddies called and they asked you to come with them tonight and pick out some girls in the bar. You said yes and you just can't hide your excitement. You whistled while taking a shower, you sing while you shave and you even dance when you comb your hair but do you know what to wear? Do you the right clothes that will make women turn their heads as soon as you enter that hip bar? If not, then read on this article to get better ideas about fashion and style about picking up women.

Did anyone tell you that men are vainer than women when it comes to fashion and style? Men are more conscious than women on what they should wear to attract the opposite sex. Men can even spend the whole day just taking a bath and doing their hair compare to women that can easily do her face in a flash and even while driving! Do you know what attract women?

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The first and foremost thing to consider on guy's fashion and style is the fit and intent of the clothes. Just as they like girls who wear clothes to enhance their best features, girls are also fond of guys who love to wear comfortable clothes but not afraid to show their best features too.

What attract women of course is the outer appearance. So make sure you prepare yourself well when picking up girls. Take extra care on your hygiene. Take extra time in dressing up to make sure you will do the right thing.

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