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Written By Wilfredo Allen on Sunday, June 15, 2014 | 1:00 AM

Guys may say that that they are unconcerned with their looks. They lie. Men and women are cut from the same cloth and the pressure on having the perfect appearance is just the same. It's just that the male search for perfection is vastly different than women.

However, one area is remarkably similar, hair. Many men love their hair. Many fear baldness too. Having a great looking head of hair is ideal for many men. It helps with the career. It helps with meeting attractive women. How does a man go about getting the hair he's been dreaming of?

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Step 1: The Hairstylist

In order to have beautiful looking hair, any person will need a good hairstylist. This is not just a female issue. Men's styles are simply different but hair is hair, and the proper stylist is an expert. Men need a good stylist more than a woman because they generally know less about hair.

A good hairstylist is like a good friend with just the right advice for your hair. Many barbers and salons are up to date about the latest fashions. Yes, even traditional barbers know about hairstyle and they do not just automatically give barber's cuts to everybody.

Find a good stylist through recommendations. Ask your friends where they got their new cut, if it's to your taste. Search the Internet for recommendations. Once found, do your best to keep your hairstylist. Let him take car of you as you regularly go back for a haircut.

Step 2: The Hair Styling Products

There is an incredible profusion of hairstyling products available. Some care for your hair. Others may be harsh on it. One product may be good for a certain hairstyle; another may be necessary to take care of your hair type. Did you know for short mussed up hairstyles, hair wax is often the best bet? These little things matter when styling hair. Your hairstylist is the best person to ask for your particular needs.

If you haven't found the right one yet, research and experiment. Try out different products but do it sparingly. Don't go overboard. Apply it according to the instructions. Observe the effect.

Step 3: Routine

Once you have your stylist and your styling product, you have to create a routine for your hair. Routines help you remember what you have to do. It often happens in our busy lifestyle that we forget about proper grooming for our hair bur once it is well integrated. We do it automatically and our hair always looks good.

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