Can Wearing Caps Hasten Hair Loss?

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Sunday, June 15, 2014 | 9:00 PM

There are many ways for you to quickly lose your hair. You may think that only the elderly can lose their hair, and you may think that because you are young, you can do everything to your hair and it can still hold. This can be true for a certain amount of time, and this can be true only if you do not constantly put a lot of stress on your hair. However, if you are unkind to your hair nearly every day, then you can expect it to start falling out and weakening, and you can expect to have a head of brittle hair that will drive you nuts because you do not know how to treat it or fix it. In fact, there are many different bad habits that you should kick if you want to keep your hair intact and luxuriant for a longer time.

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Wearing caps or hats can make your hair brittle in the long run. This is because you put a lot of stress on your hair by pushing or pulling it, and thereby inducing hair loss much faster because of the stress. This can happen in two ways: in the short term, the hair that you stuff under your cap or push along with your cap will be brittle and weak, and it can be easier to pull out, not to mention break. In the long term, your follicles, now weakened by the constant pulling and stress, may not grow hair, or worse, they can grow weaker and brittle hair. You will need to stay away from constantly wearing caps or hats. You may want to wear sun block, and then use a looser cap or hat.

Another way for you to stress your hair is through styling it, or pulling on it. This can occur when you start braiding your hair, especially when you put it in tight corn rows. These tight corn rows can look attractive and neat, but they also pull on your hair follicles. You may notice that your hair can fall out quickly, and in clumps, when you take out your braids or corn rows. And you may notice that your hair is much weaker and more brittle when it grows back following your braiding and corn rows. You will need to refrain from tying your hair tightly, and from pulling on it too much. Not only are you going to experience a lot of pain while you are going through the pulling process, but you are also going to go through a lot of stress in the long run when you start losing your hair prematurely.

Still another way to stress your hair is through curling it constantly, especially when you use chemicals or high heat, such as those that you get when you use a curling iron or styling rollers. You may want to avoid using high heat or curling your hair at all. This may mean that you need to avoid going to the salon too often, as some salon chemicals can certainly hurt your hair and make it more difficult for you to keep a healthy head of strong hair.

These are only a few stresses on your hair that can eventually lead to hair loss. For more information, talk to your doctor about what can cause hair loss, and what you can do to combat it.

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