How to Get the Most From Your Natural Hair

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Saturday, June 14, 2014 | 5:00 PM

In this short article you will be provided with simple ways to get the most from your beautiful hair.

Clean scalp- it is important to have a clean scalp, just like you would cleanse your body you hair needs that attention. If you are a natural curly or kinky woman than your tresses thrive with water. Often times we oil our scalps or have product build it and our hair strands are not able to breathe. That's where cleansing becomes most important.

Also keep in mind natural hair women must not strip our hair of moisture so choose a cleanser without any sulfates within the ingredients.

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Moisture- to condition is essential as well to getting the most from your luscious hair. Natural hair tends to be drier than straight hair simply because our natural oils do not slip down our strands as easy because of all the kinks and curls. Therefore after a good cleanse you must put moisture back into your hair.

A good moisturizer's ingredient label usually starts with water. Water based products are great for natural afro textured hair. Due to the heat or cold weather your hair may get lots of wear and tear so when you put moisture with a good conditioner or a leave in conditioner be sure to seal in the moisture with a natural oils (olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, etc.)

Protective styling- low to no stress styles are the key. The less your hands and combs and brushes are not in your hair, the better!!! Try twisting or braiding or bunning your hair for a long wear style. Remember there is no magic to making your natural hair grow longer faster, just keeping your hair from breaking at the same rate it is growing is when you will see retained length.

Diet and exercise- preparing your body's health for the best starts on the inside first than results peek out to the outside. If your want the best from your hair you must get your health kicked into action inside first. What you eat play a part in beautiful hair. Drink more water, when you are dehydrated it can affect your hair, nails and skin. Get the proper rest so you can be refreshed and exercising helps your body, your hair can not lose this way.

Lastly Love- Just love your hair and who you are and others will feed off of your positive vibe. Have an itch for learning about you hair and how to care for it and teach others. When you love your hair you treat it well an in return it treats your well by looking great.

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