The Long and Short of It All, Top Hairstyles for 2011

Written By Wilfredo Allen on Monday, June 16, 2014 | 7:00 AM

Hairstyles continue to evolve year after year. Some classic styles remain, and some trends become outdated and become a thing of the past. For 2011, adventure is the bottom line when it comes to hairstyles. Here are some of the trends to look forward to in 2011.

Short hair will be a big trend in 2011. Over the last 5 years, short hairstyles started to become more popular. Celebrities who are known for their long tresses have chopped their hair off and opted for a more stylish, easy to wear short do. Short hair is easy to maintain, and depending on the cut, can either flatter one's features or go against them and make the woman look outdated. Short hair for women can range from very short like close to the scalp to a simple bob. Whatever your choice maybe, it is important to find one which can give you plenty of options in terms of styling as well as one that is just right for your face shape. Not all women can wear every length and style as there are some short hair trends that definitely chooses its wearer. One tip is to discuss what you like with your hairdresser. That way, he could incorporate it in finding something that will work for you.

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Another big thing would be the bangs. From delicate side-swept, to edgy fringes, to even a bit wavy ones, bangs will be all over the place this year. Bangs essentially makes the wearer look younger and more modern.

Curls, which never really went out of style, will be another biggie next year. The curls for 2011 are predicted to be shorter and more adventurous. They also will be rounder, and more defined as opposed to mere sexy waves we have seen in the past.

Are you getting ready for 2011? Prepare to chop your hair off to a more adventurous style.

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